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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hit the numbers, dog bites, all the Sundays of my life, bakeries & shoes

March 24, 2014

Unfortunately there was no mole this week, but once you have a little bit of time in the area, some of the members start to pick up on how much you love vegetables, and so sometimes I get to eat those as well. Those are some of the best days.

This week was really a good one. Saturday was I think one of the best days of my missionary life, right now we have a standard of excellence in all  the things we do, for the number of lessons we have to teach, the amount of people to talk to//contact, to put new baptismal dates and a whole bunch of other statistics. All of these numbers are incredibly high, but Saturday we were shredding up a storm and for the first time we completed everything.

With the Pacheco hernandez family, we are trying every thing possible to get them all set up to be baptized, they are doing super great. We have tons of help from the ward with them, and every time we get to teach them it is the best. Their youngest son is 4 years old, and he is about as hooligan as they come, we are convinced that him and the other munchkins are going to set the church on fire, sons of Mosiah style.

This week, Elder Cruz and I both had dogs bite us. Luckily only about 1 drop of blood in total was shed, but semi-ironic that dogs are slowly leaving my list of things I want in life.

Mexico is a lovely country with lovely bakeries and shoes, and with those two things, is there more you could ask for?

Yesterday was a heartbreaker, our investigator is passing through some massive problems in his life right now, and just took up a new job, in which he has to work all of the Sundays of my life. I have never met an investigator who reads his Book of Mormon so much. He has been reading consistently for a month and a half, and is already in Alma 37. He is a champion. But we have to figure out a way to bring that boy to church. Getting people to come to church is the hardest thing to do, but we are getting there.

Missionary work is kicking right a long, we are teaching tons and that is my favorite thing in the whole world. There is not a better feeling than the feeling that you are helping people in the world.
Do Service
Sure love you all so much and you guys get lots of prayers from over here.

This member's husky had 9 puppies. As much as dogs bug me right now, they are the cutest things in the world

Eating after church with the Islas family

What exactly 10 American dollars can get you

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