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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gamboo, Oregon House, New Shoes

First things first. hahaaaa mom, it was super cool to see those Mexican breads, they have them pretty much everywhere. The conchas are super tempting at first look, but the part on top is not very sweet. But yes they have little bakeries everywhere. In Tonala I only know of one, but in Guadalajara there are a ton.

This week I got da gamboo. I was in Guadalajara on Tuesday doing divisions, and in the night I started to feel a bit ill, but all was well. In the morning I felt terrible. I called the mission president's wife to see what was up, took some ibuprofin and we worked all day. That night I woke up at 11:55pm and vomited everything out, brushed my teeth, and have been good ever since. Wahoo. I don't know what I ate, because I didn't eat anything strange. But don't worry. I just have a stuffy nose right now.

I am pretty sad that Grandma's Oregon house will no longer be there. I don't know how I'm going to live in Oregon with Grandma after my mission if she doesn't live there.

This week was good. Oddly enough it went by a bit slow. But we had tons of success finding new people. Every day we try to talk with as many people as we can to find new investigators. Because we don't knock doors, and rarely do we receive references from the members, it is pure finding on our own accord.

The investigators are doing super well. Eduardo has faced a lot of trials in these past few weeks, lost his job, and has been searching super hard for a while. He occasionally finds odds and ends jobs, but only for a day or two.

The Pacheco family is doing really well. Unfortunately they did not come to sacrament meeting, because the mom got sick in the morning and went to the hospital. Also in a releif society activity the oldest daughter was playing with another kid and broke her arm. Poor lil' gal. The investigator from Texas who sells water is good. We visited him today - he is an awesome dude, and has had some of the wildest experiences in the world.

Things with Elder cruz are good, there are a lot of things that must be ignored, but I will be able to say it was a good experience, some day.

You learn and change a lot in the mission. Some things don't change - I bought some new shoes today, and I already justified it. I have pretty much worn my black shoes every day of my mission, except when I wear my suit (when I wear brown).  But I figured if the black ones can handle 6 months of pretty much every day use, the two of them together can handle every other day use, and then I got some new ones to use with the suit. THEY ARE PRETTTY. Yaayy

Elder kid

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