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Monday, June 30, 2014

Sweaters, Patriarchal Blessing, Investigators, Dogs Bite

The weather is pretty darn amazing right now. Sometimes it still gets really toasty, buuuut, it has been nice and cool, the type where you can wear a sweater or not and you feel great. (Yes, I wear sweaters in Mexico, in June...). But the sun stays out to play usually until about nine o'clock right now and that is love.

This weekend we had stake conference. Saturday night was one of the roughest stake conferences I had ever seen - pretty much all the talks tried to make it into a terrible planned game show, and it drug on for a looong time. On the other side, Sunday was absolutely stellar. The temple president and his wife were there, and they shared some awesome messages. Also the stake patriarch talked, and he gave an amazing talk about the importance of studying our patriarchal blessings, and how blessed we are that we can have that kind of personal revelation in our hands. Take advantage kids.

Also in the mission, I got to see one of my good buddies, Elder Payne, who took care of me a lot in my first area. He goes home tomorrow to California and is a cool kid. 

The freezer in our mini-fridge does not work, and it just makes ice for ever, to the point to where the door doesn't shut anymore. Elder Hulme got crazy with a large rock hacking at the ice. 

Real big tamale in a banana leaf, for breakfast --- PURE JOY

Elder Worth, silly cat

Elder Payne (pink tie) goes home to California tomorrow

You find this weapon of choice helping investigators move furniture

We treated ourselves to my favorite bakery today, and it was grand. When we come back to visit Tonala some day, we will be eating a lot of baked goods from that bakery.

We have an investigator who is absolutely incredible, her name is Elizabeth, and she is getting baptized in 3 weeks. She is a real trooper; she works the night shift at her work, gets home at 8am, changes, and goes to church, while still maintaining her family and everything. Luckily, her husband helps out a ton as well, but he works during the day. She is progressing really nicely and is a gem. 

This week was a pretty normal week.
I got bit by a small dog twice, on the back of my calf. If they weren´t so annoying, I wouldn't dislike them so much.

Honestly not much happened this week, we have a lot of investigators, that had baptismal dates, buuuut, going to church is a tricky thing for a lot of them. We are going to keep on keeping on.

Sure love you all tons, and I hope that all is well.

Lots of love,

Elder Hulme.

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