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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Training with mission president, baptism, Meet the Mormons

February 23, 2015
We have got some major sleepy kittens going on over here. This week was super busy, and this next week is going to be just as busy.

We had a training this week with our mission president, and it was really really nice. But, things were stressful at the same time. On Wednesday, we had to buy the snack for the whole bunch (36 people). You can easily spend 500 pesos on water, juice, small cookies, and an apple. (We live on 800 pesos every two weeks, so 500 is a large sum.) Also on Wednesday we had to move 7 huge tables from one church to another. There is nobody in our ward with a large truck, so we had to contact someone from another ward. We waited for him for 2 hours. Every half hour he told us just a little bit more, but we made it. 

Two elders that came from far far away came and slept at our house, so they could get to the training on time.

Thursday we got up bright and early, and got everything all set up. The training was mainly focused on how to work better with the members and how to involve them better in missionary work.

This week we had a baptism with our super mega investigator Angel. He has been investigating the church for a long long time, and he was the one that last Sunday we taught him and got him to accept a baptismal date. The bishop baptized him. The bishop also got to the baptismal service 30 minutes late, so that was spectacular. Punctuality is the coolest. But everything turned out super good in the service - the talks were short and to the point, the service was done and Angel was super pumped stoked excited. One of the best parts of our work is helping people enter into this amazing covenant with God. Wahooo. I will do my best to send you guys a picture of his baptism, buuuut my camera just got another virus, so that is the coolest. I think when I get home I will be buying a macbook, because I am sick of virus´s and want to deal with them never again.

Today, was super duper duper great. We had to be in a different chapel at 730am for a super mysterious mystery meeeting and we had no idea why. When we got there, our president was talking abnormally giddy--ish, and then he let us know that we were going to watch the church’s new movie Meet the Mormons, Honestly, it made me feel the spirit strongly, made straight up tears fall out of my face. I was a super great experience. I hope you all can see it and enjoy it as much as we did. 

I also made quesadillas today, so not much is better than that...

Love you all so much. 

Elder Hulme.

These three guys all went to Timpview

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