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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We are proud moms, prayer progress, octopus

March 23, 2015

Hey kids this week was a good one. It has been busy, and ever since Monday the weather has been quite nice. 

Yes, we go running every day. This last week we have been up to a 5k every day. Buuuut I am going to have to take a break for a bit. I think we started too fast and too much, and the knee I broke a few years back as been giving me a lot of attitude. It hurts a lot. 

I feel a little bit lost; I don´t remember what happened this week. I mainly just felt like a mom or dad. There was a whole bunch of problems in the zone, and Elder Mar and I were like super mom and dad, trying to fix all the problems, but all is well. The zone is killing it. So we are proud moms.

I have quit buying regular milk because it is pricey, so we have been rocking powdered milk for a couple weeks. Pro-- I always have milk, it never runs out. Con-- We never have water in the fridge, so the milk always is warm, but in a smoothie, it does not matter.

We had divisions this week, I was in a ward called Rio Verde. Green river.

We have been working a lot better with the members, getting them all excited to come hang out with us and teach lots of lessons. 

Aaaand I feel like my prayers have progressed. This week I have been trying to make sure that every prayer that I do is really really sincere, and not just praying to get it over with and get to bed. 

I bought a mouth wash to get rid of the mc morning breath. It is strong and melts the inside of my mouth to a point where a whole bunch of the skin falls off. Wahooo. 

Today we played ping pong with our ward mission leader and our ward secretary, so that was a good thing.


Answers to Mom's questions:
The luchador mask is Elder Lopez´s, he left it here.
I did in fact learn how to eat beans. I ate them almost every day for breakfast.
When we buy snacks we buy a water, a juice, an apple, and a pack of cookies.
I do in fact make my bed every day. And I still sleep-talk a lot.

Elder Mar - Elder Hulme

The wet shoe drying station

mmmmm octopus <3  <3 <3

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