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Monday, April 13, 2015

Nacho Libre corn, General Conference

April 6, 2013

Hey family, this week was super fast, and we only taught about a grand total of 5 lessons, but it is all right because we were also able to find 5 new investigators.

Monday was normal.

Tuesday, we studied, did the weekly baptismal date report of the zone, packed our bags, ate some quick food, went to the mission offices, and got on a COMBI to head to Morelia. We got there at 9pm, ate a pizza (chubby), and went to bed. 

Wednesday, we woke up to get to the leadership counsel at 4:30am. We were there and finished at about 3:30pm, and at 4:30 we were on the combi once again. We also ate more pizza (fat). On the road, we stopped at a stopping place - FINALLY THE SEARCH HAS CEASED - I found the beloved Nacho Libre corn that I have been searching for 19 months. We got to the offices at 9pm, and to our house at 9:45ish.

Thursday, we worked our booties to the bone because we had not worked the rest of the week.

Friday, we had the zone meeting, and all was well well well.

Saturday, General Conference. Between the morning and afternoon sessions, we got some super tasty seafood, and I invited the 4 missionaries from our ward for some chocolate cake (no cake gets to be as tasty as yours, Mom).

Sunday, conference.

The talks I loved were the following:
Pres. Eyring - about fasting, how we cannot let the blessings from fasting get away.
Dale G. Renlund - A bit about Christ's atonement and how he knows what it is like to suffer innocently.
M. Russel Ballard - Just an absolutely stellar talk, what to do after the mission.
Jeffery R. Holland - With the story about the two brothers that went free climbing, Christ is willing to reach into the dark abyss, if we call out and search for help.
Elder Uchtdorf - Grace and obedience. Just stellar.
Overall, I was moved, felt the spirit strongly, and I now want to be a better person.

Today Elder Mar and I have been on a wild goose chase to find him a new pair of shoes. Aaand I am a happy guy.    

Sometimes life is tough, but that is all right. No one ever said it was easy greasy.

I feel like we broke history to hear the homies in the sustaining oppose. Its going to be a long eternity for them....

I love going to the leadership counsels. Every time our mission president talks, he has such an amazing spirit that just fills the room and makes you feel like you've got butterflies in your belly as you fall in love in middle school again, but it's a little bit different.

Sure do love you all.

Give Jonny a big fat hug and kiss for me this week.
Brennan gets home this week as well. Weird.

Elder Hulme.

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