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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New area of investigators, Because He Lives, Temple of the Light of the World

Hey kids
Jonny gets home this week. So that is pretty wild. Give him a big fat hug for me.

This week was a super awesome one for Elder Mar and I. We have been working really, really hard in a new part of our area that we didn´t know all that well. Turns out all the people that want (to hear the gospel?) are the people that live over there. It is a neighborhood called tetlan and la aurora, and it is the best. This week we found 9 new investigators over there, which is stellar for us and it is all just the best. 

Mom says that you´d like it if I stayed with Elder Mar for the rest of the mission. Honestly it´d be super fun. But at the same time, change is good. Abraham 1:1-2.

This next week is going to be nuts.
Tomorrow we are going to Morelia.
We will be there tomorrow night and Wednesday.
Thursday is a normal day.
Friday we will be giving the zone meeting.
Saturday and Sunday are general conference. So pretty much this next week is going to be fast.

They smoke a lot of weed in Guadalajara.

I feel like I have no idea of what to say every week. 

Two of the new investigators that we found this week have lived in Utah, both in Salt Lake, usually in West Jordan area. Sometimes it's fun to talk about super Utah. 

This week the church started the new initiative, "Because He Lives." Honestly it is wonderful to be able to watch the video with the people we teach because it invites the spirit so incredibly fast. And it helps the people understand a little bit better the Savior. 

Easter is way better in the USofA, because there is candy, easter ,and bunnies. Over here, they don´t really do anything.


We went to the Temple of the Light of the World today, and it was super cool. I really like the design of this temple. They let us take a couple of pictures.

Sure do love you all.

Have the best weeks ever

Temple of the Light of the World

Temple of the Light of the World

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