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Monday, April 13, 2015

Bed bugs, sick again, transfer to Prados Verdes, new companion Elder Nolasco

Fast week, boom booom zooom zooom.

The real kicker is the one night, unfortunately, I was in a house where there were no blankets on the bed, aaaand there were bed bugs in that bed, so that was a mega bummer. That was Thursday night into Friday. All Friday was super crazy - I had to be running around all day doing baptismal interviews for all the different district leaders, so it was busy beans. 

In the night I got to the house feeling medio crummy. I fell asleep fully missionary-dressed that night, and woke up in the middle of the night feeling 100% crummers. In the morning I was rocking a fever of 39 degrees Celsius. Once again, I had to stay in bed for a day. It was a lil' bit miserable. I'm still not sure what I´ve got because I still feel a little bit winded siempre, always. Saturday was rough. Let's just say that diapers are easier to get rid of than garments..... the runs are not your friend as a missionary. (It´ll be a better story for after the mission.)

Elder Mar and I had a killer week. We were once again able to find 9 new people to teach. Here is one thing that can be a little bit hard in the mission: sometimes you can find a bunch of people, but a lot of times they are just people that are willing to listen and don´t really have the desire to come unto Christ. So after not too much time, you have to give up a lot of them. But the good news is they have been invited. 

On Saturday we received the transfers to be able to get everything all arreglado. I found out that I was going to be transferred. On Sunday, we got all the transfers for the whole zone all lined up, who is going to travel with who, when, etc. It is always a large scramble, but we get it done. This week, we finished all of the assignments, transfers, weekly call-in report, and mucho mas, before 11pm, and I finished packing at 1. 

Today we were up and about at 5:30am, and I got on da busssss.

New Zone: Aeropuerto
New Area: Prados Verdes
New compañero: Elder Nolasco, de el estado de mexico. 
I still don´t know him all that well.

The most fun part is that none of us have ever stepped foot in this area. So we are like Dora the Explorer, talking Spanish and stepping foot on new ground.
Things are all well over here. Just hoping that I can get my health all recovered to be able to give it my all.

Sure love you all so much.
Thanks mom for applying me to college. Everyone should have a mom like you.

Elder Hulme.

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