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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Beets and mangoes, lots of new investigators, going deep in the shallow end

May 18
This week was stellar. It was a week with lots of prayers, lots of sweat, lots of rain, and lots of BEETS AND MANGOs

tHE WEATHER IS PRETTY EXTREME RIGHT NOW, THE SUN IS SUPER SUPER STRONG all the day long until about 3:30, and then it just rains and rains and rains, which makes for soggy missionaries and really stinky feet. But it is all wonderful.

Right now we are working with a family. The dad is a recent convert, and the mom has been a member for quite a long while. But their family religious state is pretty WILD because they have been having their kids go to a Christian church for the last 4 years. So we have been working with their oldest daughter, who has 11 years of age. (which sounds like an easy baptism, but it is not. we have to fight hard with her, and the spirit fights even harder) but we are getting there. 

Elder Nolasco and I as they say in spanish Echamos ganas esta semana. Pretty much we were working hard hard hard. And it payed off quite well. Yesterday we finished the week with 13 new investigators. Which is something quite exciting because that is a whole lot of new people that we can teach. So we are quite excited. But now comes the harder part - working with the members, getting them some solid friends, aaaaand the killer, getting them to come to church. 

I did some companion exchanges with Elder Vargas from the Dominican Republic. It is one of the hardest accents to understand, but it was a good experience.

Our recent convert R is super great. Yesterday she gave us some mangos so that was a good kind act of her.

Today we are going to play soccer.

The bishop is still unable to pronounce our last name. He always says Elder HUI - like this - Who-wee. He also taught all about the creation yesterday in gospel principles. About how Michael was present, and how he was Adam as a spirit, and this and that. And we were just like... all of these new people in this class are still trying to figure out why all the missionaries are named Elder, and you are already bringing Michael into this. Oh well, he is a stellar bishop to tell the truth, he just likes going deep in the shallow end.

Fortunately, Christ leads and directs his church through a living prophet. The Book of Mormon is palpable evidence of the restoration. We all have a heavenly father who loves us and knows us.

Love you all so much
Take care

Elder Hulme.

Baptism from last week.

My twin tip, banana board, totally rockered shoes. I got them repaired this week.

I bought 2 kilos of beets this week. This is one beet!

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