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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Post-skype, baptism, zone soccer

May 11

Well last night was pretty wild. I got pretty stressed out trying to get the computers to work for the first 45 minutes, and it turned my brain into mushhhh (trying to skype with family).

We actually had some super excellent experiences this week. In this area we have been able to find quite a few people to teach. But the majority of them were all people that will le  you sit down for a half hour when you needed it, and didn`t really have the desire to progress. We had been praying and praying lots and lots to be able to find people. On Saturday, all of our plans had fallen, but hard. We went to a part of the area where we did not plan to go, and contacted a man that we had talked with a few weeks before, but had not been home. Turns out he, his daughter, and his grandson all accepted a baptismal date. They couldn`t go to church yesterday, but they are going to come this week.

In the baptism, I forgot to tell you guys... Our investigator R was super duper in love with the first missionaries that she ever met. (Not in love with, but really fond of). Aaaand, she had begged and begged, she even asked the mission pres. if one of the other missionaries could come to baptize her. So he did an ordinance buuut it was all good.

My cable for my camera is in da haws. sorrys.

Things are marching right along. We are pretty darn worried for the zone right now because we feel that they are a lot more capable of what is coming out. Today we played soccer with a bunch of them to get everyone together and have some fun. Hoping that everyone will be a bit more excited.       ···@@@### super sun burnt, even though I put a large amount of sunscreenage on. 

thanks for talking last night

e l d e r  h u l m e 

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