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Friday, June 26, 2015

Two dog bites, pictures with pres, Sabbath day

June 23, 2015

HMMMMMom I liked your bullet points letter. It gets all the juiciest information really quick.

This week I got bit by two dogs. One was a full grown bull dog, the other being a german shepherd. I can't tell what is worse: the dog that bites me, or the owners that don't do anything or say anything to you after their beast tries to take a chunk out of your leg. Luckily I am faster than a cat, and only con some little scrapies, no skin was broken. But I squealed. Like a little girl. Both times.

We are writing today because yesterday was an amazing day. We got up at 5am to get to a meeting in Guadalajara. It was a zone conference with the mission president. We talked about the importance of the Sabbath day and the Book of Mormon. And then we took pictures with him as a zone and everyone one by one. It was really great. Then we had an amazing testimony meeting. I loved it. Back in the day, I really didn´t get the point of testimony meetings. I just thought it was time for people to say the same thing as everyone else, or tell a rather uncomfortably long story. But I have grown to love them and I love the spirit that is there during every meeting.

There is a training jumping around all the stakes right now. I don´t know if it has gotten to you guys but I really enjoy it. It talks about the Sabbath day and how the church needs multi-generational families. To have that there are four main parts of the cycle: 1) Converts and children are baptized. 2) They are endowed. 3) They get sealed in the temple. 4) They have children and the process succeeds and moves forward.

Then it explains that one of the ways to help this process stay in action always is keeping the Sabbath day holy at home. It is something that I think would help the family about quite a bit. It has three main points: 1) That it is a sign that we love god and are willing to keep our covenants ezequiel 20*20. 2) That it keeps us conserved from worldly stainage DC59, 3) That it is a delight for ourselves and our spirits. Isaiah 58*13-14. I feel like our family would really benefit if there was a larger emphasis in keeping the Sabbath day holy. Making sure that all that we do is focused on the Savior and our father. ... Just a thought. Love you tons.

We had a good day in church. It  was stake conference. Aaaaaand, we brought the family of 2 moms and 6 kids to the conference. I think they got a little bit bored, but we hope they enjoyed it.

Sure love you all. Have incredible weeks.

Elder Hulme.

da pres

los guillen

da companion

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