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Sunday, June 7, 2015

New area Tlajomulco 1, priesthood blessing, I like eggs now

June 1
Buenas Buenas Tardes
Let's get things up to date...

My new Area: Tlajomulco 1. (It is somewhat in Guadalajara, it is a small town on the outskirts, AND IT IS GREAT.)

My new companion: Elder Hernandez. He is from CancĂșn. He is 23 years old. Has a super lisp. Is Great. Has his degree in some sort of criminal crime fighting stuff. Well more on the psychological side. Why did the murderer murder, what kind of a weapon did he use, etc. He is a convert from April 2014, AND HE IS THE BEST COMPANION A BOY COULD ASK FOR. Honestly, we get along suuuper well. He likes things clean. He works hard, he doesn't complain, and we are super service-oriented to one another. So it is wonderful. 

Sometimes he forgets. We had to go to the ATM 3 times today because the first time, he forgot his card, the second time he forgot his pin, and the third time was finally a success. But it doesn't detract from his greatness.

Our area is super great. It is massive. I´d say it is about the size of all of Russia. Maybe a little bit smaller. 

When we got to our house, it was an absolute pig sty. So one night we stayed up late to clean her all up. Our bathroom has no source of ventilation. It is a small room that gets really warm, even when we don´t have hot water. Soooo when you do your business, and then shower, it just turns into the poop sauna, but it's all good. 

There is a wonderful member in our ward, Sister Ismaela. She reminds me of Steve-O. To all of her friends, she just tells them how much she loves them, and just says oHHH mi chiquilla te amo te amo mucho oooooh hermossaaaa. So it is always a riot with her. 

We worked our booties off this week. The area book left by the other missionaries was in terrible terrible condition, so we just got to finding, and had a lot of success. We only had 1 investigator in church this week, but we still feel successful.

Last week when I picked up my new companion, my mission president gave me a priesthood blessing. I am so grateful to have that power restored on the earth. It is something that I was able to stay pretty solid with the passing of Grandpa, but I could feel such a peace and such a love when I received the blessing. It is wonderful to know that God loves us enough to put such a strong and life-changing power on this earth.

I am a happy camper. Did I ever tell you I started eating eggs again??? I started slow, and now I like them. Wahoooooo. Things you change in life when you are poooor.

Love you all

The 2nd best family in the world, from my old area.  (She was our convert.)

San Sebastian is where our chapel is. I liked this sign.

I started eating eggs again.

Sugar rush.

Elder Hulme, Elder Hernandez.

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