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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Der ma tol o gist

July 13, 2015

I went to the dermatologist today because I was allllllll warty. Those places are expensive, and I´am going to have to go back for a couple of more visits. Turns out I´ve got some weird skin. Remember how I have really stretchy face skin? Supposedly that is due to a condition called Ehlers Danlus syndrome, so that is cool.

THIS WEEK WAS GREAT. Satan was working really really hard to get us down, but we won this time. We had the baptism of our investigator R. It was the best. It was a bit tricky because we did not have hardly any help from the ward, so we had to do literally everything, buuut it is alright. The baptism was very spiritually edifying. Her son who is a member spoke, and gave a very inspiring, short talk, aaaand, it was great. After the baptism, I definitely dropped our house keys into a 9 ft deep well, full of water. Luckily, long arms, a rake and a pole did the trick.

Yesterday as we drove to the house of the brother who we ate with in his car, his car broke down hard, we got it jumped, and then it died, then we got it jumped and then it died, so we walked to his  house. Overall it was pretty fun, even though we pushed his lil car in the sun for 2 hours. 

Today we played some basketball. I never liked that, but I do now.

I love seeing the gospel change the lives of who we work with. R used to be bitter, hating, and not very friendly, and, even though she doesn't show it in her facial expressions, she is now a happy person. She is more controlled, and we are ever so happy with her and with her changes.

I really love you all. I think you guys are the cat's pajamas.

Keep on praying lots.

Elder Hulme. 

Thieves are allowed here


I dropped the house keys in a 9 foot well.

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