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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Warts, Dairy Queen, Home Teaching, I'm a Happy Camper

July 20, 2015

Wooooooooooooo. That's how we feel right now. This week was awesome.

Did I tell you guys that I am getting some warts removed? The doctore made some large craters in my feet and finger, and then shot me up with liquid nitrogen (really really cold feels really really hot). The liquid nitrogen is supposed to make some large blisters, which makes walking and brushing my teeth a riot. BUT I´M A TOUGH GUY.

On Wednesday, we had interviews with the mission president. Let it be known that President Jack B Egginton is the best man in this entire country. Honestly I love him soooo much. He is so funny, and took the whole interview to get to know me, understand my desires and my feelings and is a great great guy. afterward, my companion was treated to his first large blizzard from Dairy Queen. He loved it, <3 I love Dairy Queen. I´ve only been twice on my mission, and they have been 2 excellent experiences.

Mayra mayra mayra is our investigator. She has been coming to church every Sunday for the past four weeks. She has always been a devoted, mexican Catholic, who has always smoked, and drank, drunk drinkied coffee, buuuuuut we have been working really hard with her. On Friday, and yesterday, we have had some of the best lessons in the whole wide world. Yesterday we had taught the ten commandments and the word of wisdom, and the spirit WAS THICK. After a good amount of questions, answers, testifying and letting the spirit testify, she has firmly accepted to be baptized the on the 1st of August. It is  a huge blessing getting to know these kinds of people, I love it sooooo much. 

EVERY SUNDay, in elders quorum, the only thing we talk about is... as translated... doing visits (hacer visitas, /// home teaching), nobody, NObody, NOBODY, does it over here, and every week it is a new episode of do your visits. It is pretty funny, because they think that giving them the same speech every every every Sunday will help them want to do their home teaching. But it's all good.

I am a happy camper where I am. I may have blisters, or funky callouses on my knees from all the prayers, but I am happy where I am, what I do and who I have become. The gospel has been restored through a living prophet. Be grateful.

Love you all supers much

Elder Hulme.

On this bus you can see the road. Safety first.

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