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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pee eich a tee. Phat. Sirloin Stockade.

The mini zone

"Hi, I'm Ali Hegerhorst, and I'm on your toothpaste box."

Elder Peterson, great secretary friend from Washington

The painting I love near our house

Post feasting (Sirloin Stockade?)

June 30, 2015

Today ladies and gentlemen, the district of Tlajomulco got fat. We woke up super extra early to clean the house and start to hand wash the clothes (washing machines are a dream), studied, ran, and got my companion’s hairs cut, aaaaand then went to Sirloin Stockade. It is like a mexican Chuck-a-rama but with all the same things as Chuck-a-rama. I ate a strict diet of spinach, lettuce, carrot salad, salad salad, apple salad, brownies, and ice cream. AND I FELL IN LOVE. Easily the best 137 pesos I´ve spent in a good while. The dudes from this side of the border love the mac n cheese, the oven pizzas, and all the gross stuff and it’s sooooo funny.

This week was splendid. We are working with this super investigator named M. She is a single mother has four kids of the ages 17,12, 2, 1. She is super willing. Willing to read, to pray and this week was the first week we started teaching her and she went to church. It was the best. She didn´t know where it was, so we got with a member to go pick her up Sunday morning. Normally when we get to the houses of the members they go to church in hood rat clothes and take about 45 minutes to get ready. But M is a GEM. We got there and she was all readied up, her three youngest kids all dressed up, and everything set. I WAS A HAPPY CAMPER MOM AND DAD.

We also have another investigator who we are getting all prepared up to be baptized in the next coming month, named, R. she is great, her son is a member, who we are helping to get active again. She always looks grumpy no matter how happy she is and it is so funny, because when you start to talk with her, you never know if she is grouchapillar or happy. #boxxesofchocolates.

Yesterday our day started at 4:45am. We had to get to a meeting with President Camarillo, the follow up meeting for the people in their training and their trainers. He gave us the last goodbye, and it was good. I am going to miss him almost as I did you guys at first, But this Thursday we will be getting to know President EGGINTON. Egginton. There is not a g after the n. 

we are working hard
sweating more
and loving life more

Sure love you all
I am reading in Alma 15-22. If only I could be a meat butcher like Ammon. or a super testifier like Aaron.


hugs n kisses

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