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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Semana Milagro

July 6, 2015

Great great great week. Lots of trials and hard parts, but all in all great.

On Tuesday, after writing, we visited our investigator who was progressing really well to be able to be baptized the 11 of July. As we taught the law of chastity, we found out that it would be necessary that she be interviewed by the mission president. That night I called him, Pres. Egginton. My first encounter with him was one of the best things in the world. He is sooooo funny. I was trying to explain to him why she needed an interview and all that, but he wasn’t really getting the hang of it, and he said that he´d be able to do it in a few weeks, and our souls were crushed.... Trial.

During the rest of the week, we had some super experiences. We were praying a lot for our investigator that, if possible, some sort of a miracle would come into action.  On friday we had our zone meeting, and we heard word that the mission president was going to be there. He got there at 1pm, we quickly talked with him (the assistants then had explained a little bit more about the special interviews and what-not). He told us that he could do it after the meeting that we were going to do with him. Sooooo then we called her at 1pm to see if she could get there at 3pm or 2:30 for the interview. Aaaaaaand as the best part of the miracle, she was going to be able to get there. LIFE SAVERS. Miracle. She got there, had a stellar interview, and is still getting all readied up for baptism. It was so incredible to see the hand of the Lord in that moment. She came to church this week and is really excited, even though her facial expressions don´t show it... 

I have been pretty good about not biting my nails lately, but it is a little bit harder to type.... hmmm. 

Yesterday a member gave us some homemade ceviche, which means chronic to-the-bathroom dashes...

This last week, there was only 1 day that we were able to go to bed on time and get up at 6:30 (all the other days were either late to bed or really early to rise) so  I have been suuper tired. 

Ummm No I am still with my same companion. The training is a 12 week process, so we just finished the week 6. 

This weekend the companion of Elder Robbins finished his mission, so Elder Robbins was with us in a super trio all weekend, it was super fun. But we went to bed late due to the sleepover which makes for sleepy mornings.

Our new mission president is hilarious. He is very very energetic and super loving. I love his guts. 

I am really glad to be where I am. It’s hard, but I love it.

Love you all

Elder Hulme.

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