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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Divisions in Guadalajara, studying apostasy/restoration, 10:30pm bedtime, peanut butter

Close the street, rent a bounce house, a band, and tons of food....

for a girl's 9th birthday party

This week I had some divisions with the zone leaders. They are in the more down town part of Guadalajara, which is super great. I will never ever quit loving that city. But also when you get into a large city you run into lots of super funny people. I think throughout the whole day, we taught a total 4 lessons with people that like the same gender. And one who is named Gustavo, but he goes by gusy (goosey), he was born male, but dresses 100% female. It was an interesting lesson. But all was super good.

Another tough weekend with Eduardo, -poor guy is just a bit silly sometimes. This weekend we had his baptismal interview all scheduled and ready to go. But on Friday and Saturday he drank, again, and he is in another month of waiting. Luckily this time we were able to keep our cool quite a bit better. 

I've been studying a fair amount about the apostasy and the restoration. Honestly, we are incredibly lucky to live in the time that we live, in which we have the gospel at our fingertips, and we can participate in its blessings every day. I think a lot about how everything was lined up perfectly, how God waited until everything was all set up, and restored the gospel. This week my testimony of the restoration and Joseph Smith have increased quite a bit. Also something that we all need to realize, is part of being patient, is that we are willing to wait for the promised blessings that the lord has prepared for us.

Sometimes I try to pray in English. Let's just say that English is real tough right now, but I can still get through a prayer. 

This week they got mad at all the zone leaders and district leaders and assistants, because none of the leaders were going to sleep at 10:30pm, mainly because of all the statistics that we have to pass every day. President said, THAT WILL NOT DO, and made it so that everyone has to sleep at 10:30 no matter what, and it is probably the most majestic thing in the world.

We made a long journey today, to the beloved Walmart to buy peanut butter. It was pricey, but well worth it. 
Elder Mar displaying the glory, glory, glory
Sure do love you guys tons. Pray lots. Eat lots. And have fun.
Is it nuts that schoool is already out... nuts.


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