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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cookie dough, new investigator family, ward conference

May 19, 2014

There has been pure freezing cold water this week. So every morning I iron my garments to get them nice and toasty.

This week we made the cookie dough, and it was a glorious, glorious experience. Thank you mom for being a great mom.

This week was a bit tricky, because pretty much none of the investigators were home all week, so there was lots o' working with less active members this week, but that is all right.

We had a very spiritual lesson with a family yesterday - a family with two kids, parents are not married. They have tons of desire to go to church and to get to the celestial kingdom. So we taught them about the law of chastity and that those cats need to get married. We went with one of my favorite members to teach with, and the lesson was stellar. The investigators participated a ton, and actually understood, (the majority of the people just ignore Gods commandments). We´ve got tons of hope going into them so they can keep on coming to church get married and baptized.

Things were a bit rough with Eduardo this week, again..... He re-found a job, for the 3700251202th time this month, but I think that this one is more stable. We went to bring him to church Sunday morning and his face was crazy swollen, as if someone had jammed a loaf of bread into his cheek and his temple. He doesn't know what happened, just that he woke up and it was good and SWOLL. woo.

We had ward conference this week, which was super sweet. Our stake president and his counselors came, and shaped up the ward a bit. It is a bit frustrating that everyone waits for a royal planch from the stake pres, but at least they learned some things. Also we were able to get a ton of less active members to go to church which was goody good.

Elder Mar and I are super well. He is a stellar elder and I like working with him a lot. It is super fun to train and we is way good killer friends. I think I made him mad this week, because I wouldn't go to the store because we were going to be late to get home, but it is alllllllright. 

All is super grand, and Mexico toasty warm.

Pokemon Squirtle.

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