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Monday, June 30, 2014

Eggs, Beer for Children, Baptism, Fabric Softener is My True Love

June 23, 2014
This week we had a lunch appointment with a less active member who is super poor. From the night before I could feel it in my blood and guts that we were going to eat eggs. We ate eggs, and I totally handled it. Honestly it was an experience that I did not enjoy, but I did it guys, I ate eggs.

Also this week, we were in a lesson, with a 4 generation family, and some of the kids were eating dinner. And I watched the grandpa pour the twelve-year-old kid a Corona Light to eat with his dinner. Yay beers.

Last night we received the calls for transfers. Buuuuuuuuuuuut there are not any transfers in any of my district. Actually my whole zone only had two transfers so that is all good. So I'll still be kicking it here in TONALA for another 6 weeks and loving it up. I am super excited to have another transfer with Elder Mar because we get a long so well, and he is down to work hard hard hard.

This week the sister missionaries had a baptism, with Perla, or as we call her, the pearl of grand price. We had her baptismal interview Wednesday, everything went well. Then on Friday at about six o clock, the sisters called us and told us that the Perla got sick. After they called lots of people in the not-willing-to-work ward, Elder Mar and I (to the rescue) went and gave her a blessing all went well. But one thing we can realize is that, honestly the power of the priesthood is probably one of the most powerful powers here on the earth. It took me a long time to realize how incredibly important the priesthood is in our lives and how blessed we are to have it. Mom, you may not be able to hold the priesthood, but you have a husband and two sons who have it and another that ought to receive it in a few months. Congratulations everyone.

Right now it is raining suuuuper hard, it's wild. I think i will go take a picture of the puddle that has become quite large. In the last 15 minutes it has gotten to be about 4x6 meters. 

Things are going really well here in Tonala. We´ve got some super great investigators, but we still have the ever lasting struggle of getting people to come to church. We have been working our butts off so that people will go to church. We only had two investigators who came to church this week, which was a bit of a disappointment, but we live.

We did not handwash any clothing this week - we splurged and went to the laundromat. FABRIC SOFTENER IS MY TRUE LOVE. also drying machines. and clean clothes.

The world cup is going on and that is all that everyone is doing every moment of every day.

I feel like I don't really have very much to say this week. 

Love you all tons.
Love Elder Hulme.

with the family of sister Giron (the most motherlike person except mom)

With the family of the bishop.

Dearest Granda Hulme.
Congratulations because you have reached the rightful age of 90. I hear from everyone that has made it that far that it is a pretty good age. Good work and hang in there. I'd like to thank you for always being such a great grandfather. I have tons of great memories of being at your house for Thanksgiving, swim meets, mountain bike trips, and random vacations. I love that you have a love for music and are always willing to share it with so many other people.

I am grateful for the example you set for the family of serving missions, for being a worthy preisthood holder, and an amazing leader within the church. I am so happy to have you as a grandfather, and wouldn't change you for the world. I love you so much and love having you in my life, and I appreciate the way that you raised Brent, who followed in your example and is a great father. Thanks for all the support always.  I hope you enjoy your birthday, have a good one and sing lots and lots of songs.


Lots of love. Your grandson, Elder hulme

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