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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Too much coconut, gumdrop rain, dragon fruit, don't be like Korihor

May 26, 2014

When will I learn that when I eat too much coconut that it always wipes out my innards?

This week on Tuesday we had a huge leadership conference, for all the leaders in the mission. It was really long, and there was a lack of food, but it's all good, because we learned LOTS. When I got back into my area, there is always a 200 meter dirt field that we cross. We ran across it in the pouring rain, and it was crazy fun. The rain drops were about the size of gumdrops, and you got soaking wet in 3 minutes. Good experience, cleaning the suit after was less than fun.

Today I ate a real live dragon fruit with the hope that it was going to taste like candy. They are less cool than one might think.

This definitely is against the rules, but a couple people taught me how to weld this week, wahoo.

Eduardos face swelling did in fact go down, and he has been super well. He has been keeping all the commandments, and we are going to have his baptismal interview next Sunday. Why sunday? I don't know. But he has been super great this week, his work is going well, and he came to church again, which is always the best thing.

The people love worshipping virgins and saints in Mexico. I am a virgin, and a latter day saint, worship me, you sillies.

I've been studying a lot of the mission of Alma and his sons, and also some of the mission of the son of Mosiah. I think if we can learn anything, don't be like Korihor from Alma 30, who denied the things he knew were true and then died. Because that would be a terrible way to die. What I realized is we need to embrace the truths we have and not have any sort of fear to share them with every person. Don't be Korihors.

Sure love you all lots.

Elder Hulme.
We have one of the nicest kitchens in the mission, because my area is super poor, and the money gets a lot further on houses.

How we wash clothes

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