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Monday, June 16, 2014

The runs, frogs, new investigators, we are blessed to have the restored gospel

Welllll, the subject explains a good portion of this week. (The Runs)
This week was especially enjoyable I don't know why, but I wrote down all the good stuff so I wouldn't forget.

This week we were teaching a lesson outside, and someone's neighbors were blasting some good music. It was ever so good to hear some good old Radiohead and Nirvana in the background.

It has been raining quite a bit daily. It is impossible to know when it is going to rain, but it pretty much just depends on if you are prepared or not. If you are prepared it does not rain, if you are not, it pours. But it's all good. I like it lots. Also when it gets real rainy, all the frogs come out and play, it is super cool, and when you walk through the fields, all you can hear is frogss...

Yesterday in church Elder Mar and I went to the bathroom, I waited, as he was already seated, he asked me if I would like a cookie. I declined, with urges to vomit.

A few months ago, the secretaries went to every house in the mission to see what sorts of materials they needed, like chairs, tables, irons, and stuff like that. We had a five-hour excursion going to get the supplies and what-not. Finally, we have an ironing board, and we will not be using a make shift table/blanket combination.

This week was pretty darn radical. Elder Mar and I made a pact, to which we would do everything we could to start finding new investigators. The majority of the ones we had before were not showing any signs of progress. We found six this week, which is pretty darn lovely. And  4 of the 6 accepted a baptismal date. It honestly made me realize how God really does prepare the people - all you have to do is give it your all to find them. We have more plans to keep on finding them this week.

One of the investigators we found is named Jaime. He is a cool guy, and he is a bit nuts because he has some sort of an illness that I have never heard of. He has been in a wheelchair for the past 6 years, has 2 kids, and his wife died a few years ago from the same illness. We found him this week, and he is already progressing really well. Elder Mar and I hauled him to church yesterday and he absolutely loved it. I have never seen a man look so affected from listening to the gospel. Pretty much it was all really good experiences with all of them.

I had divisions with Elder ball; he is a cool cat.

I recognize every day, more and more of how blessed we are to have this gospel in our lives. There is nothing that brings me more joy to know that god loves us enough to restore this gospel. That he has given and sacrificed his son to die for us, only so that we can return, live with him, and benefit from all the blessings that he has.

I love you all tons.
Have stellar weeks.

Elder Hulme

Elder Ball

This is Lizette. She is cool because she helps with missionary work.

In the streets, they just let you choose your favorite group of numbers.

I lost my baby duckling

Mr. Delgadillo

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