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Monday, June 16, 2014

Swimming pool house, peanut butter has calories, break the commandment good

This week has been cool. In pretty much all the afternoons, it is crazy crazy hot, and then at about 5 or 6pm it gets incredibly rainy and windy. On Thursday, it rained so hard that it just looked like a wall of water falling. It happened again on Saturday. And the extra cool part is..... When you get home at night, your house magically turns into a swimming pool, water leaks beneath the door realllll good. The rain doesn't ruin the floors because they are all tile. I have seen carpet 2 times on my mission.

Last night I was asked by mr mar, with his mouth full of peanut butter, if it had calories, and it was mcfunny.

I may have informed you that a member has lent me/us her sewing machine. I didn't have any time to use it this week, but we's a get real crafty this week, and repair the clothes that are diminishing.

Transfers are in two weeks. I am pretty unsure whether I am going to leave or not. Honestly, I am getting a bit ready to get out of here, but if I have another transfer, we'll just make it a good one. 

It can get pretty repetitive here, mainly because every investigator we have found in the past month and a half falls into one of two really big challenges. 1) They are a family that does not want to get married, they have lived together for 5+ years, but they will not get married. 2) They want to live better lives, but are wildly addicted to marijuana and or alcohol, making them not want to give up either up the two. It is a bit tricky, but we will get there. 

I bought another pineapple today.... score.

I also bought animal crackers today, lets just say, animal crackers rock the house. 


All has been a bit tricky with Eduardo. He has been working a ton this week. We went to his house almost every day of the week, but he was not there all week, because he was working, or got stranded in the rain, and took cover so he wouldn't get all soupy. Yesterday we chatted with him, he wants to get baptized, but he keeps on drinking, but the worst part is that he drinks like one or two cans of beer, and nothing else. And I'm just thinking... if you are going to break the commandment, break it good.... But he´ll without doubt, get there.

I am loving life, 
Elder Hulme

Enjoy your weeks.
Carne en su jugo (meat in its juice) is from Jalisco. It's pretty tasty. You load it up with radishes, cilantro, lime, and onion.

Cows get in the way.

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